Oasis Salon and Spa | Atlas | ኦሲስ ሳሎን እና እስፓ | አትላስ

Oasis Salon and Spa | Atlas | ኦሲስ ሳሎን እና እስፓ | አትላስ

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Reviews about Oasis Salon and Spa | Atlas | ኦሲስ ሳሎን እና እስፓ | አትላስ

/  29 reviews and 27 ratings
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  • Great service, ad hoc! Mimi is very professional and kind. We had a blessed time and are very pleased with the outcome. Thank you! Grazie!!
  • A friendly staff, a clean place and affordable. I went for a hair cut after someone messed it up, Mimi fixed it so beautifully. She is very professional and pleasant to deal with. I’ll definitely go back and recommend it to others
  • Messed up dreads and didnt fix. Charged full price.
  • Very disappointed,they lied that they have steam when they have Morocco bath and coffee scrubs they don’t have steam.the massager doesn’t have the training, she have no Ida of massage,probably is the cleaning lady, also I forgot my beautiful silver necklaces and they didn’t call me to give me,I don’t recommend this spa.

    በጣም ያሳዝናል እስቲም አለን ብለው ቦታው ግን የፕላስቲክ ፍራሸ ያለበት ክፍል ነበር ሞሮኮ የሚሰጡበት
    ማለት ነው ከ10 ደቂቃ በሆላ ለማረፍ ስፈልግ እንደሌላቸው ነግራኘ ወደ ማሳጅ ክፍል መራችኘ
    ማሳጅ አድራጊዋ የምትቀባኘ ይመስል ነበር ምንም
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  • My new favorite salon in Addis! The owner and her staff are incredibly professional, friendly, and provide excellent service. I would 10/10 recommend this salon and will be back again soon.
  • Professional staff, professional service, and affordable price.
  • Overcharge me and braids look bad
  • Very inconsistent pricing at the barbing salon. 250 birr one time another time 355 birr. The last barber there was more professional and very consistent.
    I'm not coming there again!
  • Unfortunately, only a couple of hours after my manicure service, the polish started to peel off. I paid quite a lot for this service, which was advertised as “gel manicure” but it is not gel. Very disappointing to say the least. The staff was friendly though.
  • Love the place for their fast and professional service and not a lot of chit chats… accessible area and very clean and spacious
  • Clean quiet and calming place. Reception are friendly. They take appointment seriously which is rare. The masseuse was good
    The lady(her name was hana) didn't do a good job, it was bad actually. To begin with, the room was so tiny it wasn't comfortable for me or for her. It couldn't even allow her to stand properly. I planned to do a brazillian but the entiret thing was so painful, i couldn't continue. She didn't even apply oil after the procedure.

    Any place needs a pro waxer, especially for a delicate area.
  • They do a lot of kind of hairstyles. plus spa one of the best in addis
  • Very good service,friendly and highly professional.Very satisfied with my eyelash extensions.
  • Amazing and kind staff. From wash to finishing my braids it took all of 3 hours, which is quick for the style I had:D The hair wash felt like a nice massage. I only removed one star because I have naturally curly hair (4A if we want to type it) and they didn’t have proper heat protectant spray. So they used other products for damage protection instead, and I asked them to dry it on low heat which they did as well. Other than that I highly recommend if you want a great hair experience while in A – show
  • Great pedicure!
  • The service provided was good beyond expectation. I love the foot massage as it help me to relax and feel at ease. Love the way the staff did the waxing of my eyebrows never saw anything like this perfectionist
  • The place is big and neat. The staff is friendly, welcoming and accomodating! The manucure was really good, but unfortunately the waxing service was not as comfortable as expected, but still correct
  • I don't recommend this place. Not happy with their both service.
  • The room was very cozy and service was very great. Yonnas(the barber man) is really professional, talented, and very kind. Generally, the staffs are care about consumers. It was really good service. I highly recommend to visit oasis salon and spa.
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Average rating - 4.3 based on 29 reviews and 27 ratings